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Didì Gallese


I am a visual designer and illustrator. I love stories, horror stories, good music, and black tea. “It's always Tea-Time” is my favourite Lewis Carrol's quote. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Art, I currently work with small publishing houses, magazines and independent artists.


Meet Didì

How would you define your poetics?

Black visionary poetry.

Can you describe your creative process?

A continuous run-up to my mental images. Continuous marks and stains on paper, in search of the right shape.

What’s in the “room of your own” where you create your artworks?

Brushes, paints, pencils, and coal dust everywhere. Entropy.

What keeps you inspired and motivated?

The dialogue with my soul, the ancient writers, and nature, my muse.

How do you think projects like Tit’n’Tales can make a difference?

To the daily struggle against prejudices. The power of the “word”, and the power to break the silences.

Didì Gallese

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