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Emma Barducci


I'm Emma, ​​a 25-year-old graphic designer with a great passion for art and illustration. I live in Sesto Fiorentino and I graduated in advertising communication at IED Florence (European Institute of Design) and I recently completed a master's degree in Motion Design to literally bring my ideas to life through animation.

My works reflect my strong personality, my attention to detail and my way of being eclectic and curious.

The desire to learn always leads me to experiment with new styles and new techniques (whoever stops is lost, this is my motto).


Meet Emma

How would you define your poetics?

I think my poetics are strong and direct. I like to get straight to the point, even in my illustrations. I like to tackle the issues of gender equality, sexuality and self-love. Through my work I would not like to give answers, on the contrary, I would like people to ask themselves questions, because only through questions can we change our opinions, sometimes wrong, only because we had not asked ourselves the right questions.

Can you describe your creative process?

My work is mainly based on digital drawing. My favourite software is Illustrator and I recently discovered Procreate too.First of all, I find a concept to illustrate, I make a lot of sketches on paper to make the idea come true and finally I digitize the illustration.I am very eclectic and I really enjoy experimenting with different styles and palettes.

What’s in the “room of your own” where you create your artworks?

I often like to create my illustrations on the terrace, just me, my iPad and the nature that surrounds me. In my room, I like to listen to relaxing music (I often listen to soundtracks from films I love) and to light scented candles. There is nothing better for my creative flow.

What keeps you inspired and motivated?

it is very common to lose motivation, what keeps me going is passion. If I don’t feel inspired I like to visit exhibitions and museums and find elements that I would like to recreate in my illustrations.

How do you think projects like Tit’n’Tales can make a difference?

Contemporary society (especially in Italy) pushes to be afraid of sex, still considering it taboo.Making sex clear not only as a pleasure in general but as a pleasure for oneself, as a love for oneself, is a very important thing that we all need.People need sex education to be aware of their own nature and sexuality and, above all, to accept and respect that of others.For this reason, it is essential that there are projects like Tits’n’Tales, to demolish taboos and prejudices and slowly build a more aware and open-minded society.

Emma Barducci

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