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Marta Bianchi


Marta Bianchi is a freelance illustrator who lives and works in Rome.

She loves mixing different stylistic registers and graphic techniques. For Marta, drawing is a tool to convey emotions and evoke imaginary worlds, but it is also a powerful means of raising awareness to talk about social issues.

When she is not drawing, she is walking in the woods.

Meet Marta

How would you define your poetics?

The poetics of my work is based on the search for harmony in composition, often the images I produce have no rational or functional meaning and tend to evoke atmospheres and emotions.

The three words: solipsism, intimism, obscurity.

Can you describe your creative process?

I like to range and change all the time, get involved in different areas, deal with and propose different themes and continuously experiment with different techniques; I go from editorial illustration to graphics, to working also with painting and decoration, to organising expressive creative workshops for children, adults and teenagers. The truth is that always doing and proposing the same things to the same targets just seems boring to me.

What's in the "room of your own" where you create your artwork?

In the place where I work there are traditional and digital tools: paper of all kinds, many pencils and charcoals, black ink, brushes and acrylic colours, PC and graphics tablet.

What keeps you inspired and motivated?

I take my inspiration from nature, walks in the woods, music and cinema, which is another great passion of mine.

How do you think projects like Tits’n’Tales can make a difference?

Projects like Tits'n'Tales can exploit the potential of social media and thus disseminate important content on a large scale, promoting exchanges and debates.

Marta Bianchi

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