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Nicolle Herrera


Nicolle Herrera is a Colombian Graphic Designer who goes by the name of Nikkirev (a creative brand that is still under construction and is welcoming anyone who wants to be part of the team) and whose goal is to expand optimism and tenderness among others through world building using fashion and product photography, illustration, 3D graphics and animation. It’s all about listening to stories and aspirations in order to transform these into graphic pieces, where limits are nowhere to be found.


Meet Nicolle

What would you be if you were: An animal, a song, a poem, a colour, a flavour?

I’m a very observant individual, just like an owl, thus I tend to see things other people may not see in themselves and their environment. About which song would I be is SYML’s “Body”, talking about battling struggles and not giving in. As a color I would be both yellow (optimism) and pink (dreamy) and lastly, as a flavor, almond ice cream, cold but once you savor it, it’s soft and comes with big or small surprises (the almonds).

Can you describe in a few words your creative process?

First of all, I’ve got a piece of paper in hand, go ahead and scribble, write ideas in a disorganized way and find a way to connect these all while listening to people telling me their own stories. Then comes the download of references for the moodboard and concept making, accompanied with further investigation of the main theme. After having a more down-to-earth concept, I start making multiple sketches until I run out of ideas so I can start choosing and combining the most convincing ones. Lastly, it all depends on what medium I’m working on, that certain resources are needed for the making-off.

What is your favourite subject matter to illustrate/ write about?

I’m more focused on illustrating surreal instances, aspirations, thoughts and heart-warming stories of people, who need to be seen as individuals and human too.

What keeps you inspired and motivated?

I’ve got a catchphrase, which is the base in which Nikkirev was founded: “lighting the spark of the universe”, meaning there’s no limits to what people are able to achieve, your existence and potential are not determined by others but by yourself, there’re many possibilities and paths to choose from.

How do you think projects like Tit’n’Tales can make a difference?

The human being is a social creature by nature and in times of constant change, the only thing that has to remain is the thought of hope, support and companionship to battle negative convictions. I find Tits’n’Tales to be a heart-warming initiative to let people know there’s more than what can be seen with a naked eye, a space to show empathy, develop a sense of relief and improve other’s mental and physical health.

Nicolle Herrera

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