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The Beast

Written by Silvia Pellegrino,

Illustrated by Simona De Leo

Self-realization arises from self-love

She lived in a teardrop for a million years, unable to see.

She then became an eager beast who’s hard to feed.

When she managed to drink the last tear of salt, she was free.

She chased the sun in its wanderings, and felt the earth screaming beneath her feet.

She rode bare mountains, daughters of bizarre and chaotic autumns. In those autumns she learnt

to lose herself in fear, to let herself be penetrated by its threatening power, by the desire for death.

When meeting the winter, she consumed the last drop of love of a man who died

not knowing what shape her heart was.

She was a beast.

A pure, mystic, murderous beast.

Reflected in the green water of a lake by the wood, she spoke to herself for the first time.

She had a gentle voice and they became true friends. In the breathlessness of spring

she became fond of self-love, a great epiphany.

Immersed in the summer colours, her wide-open heart gave her some breath.

She suddenly stopped and settled down.

Finding herself, she was finally home.


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