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Giorgio Rinaldi


Born in Rome, worked in London. Does anything even remotely art related. Fixated, obsessive and obsessed. Started to write and draw very young and never stopped. Interested in almost anything except for beer and football. Hardly able to function in the real world. 


Meet Giorgio

How would you define your poetics?

I guess I slightly moved away from a more classical/academic way of writing and painting in order to achieve a raw and visceral effect. I believe art must be something you feel, you have the need to express, not something automatic, not a craftwork.

Can you describe your creative process?

I’ve always believed that poetry has to be brief, short. My works are usually an urge, an impulse. That doesn’t mean I don’t spend hours or even years retouching them but that the core is already there and gets out pretty soon. 

What's in the "room of your own" where you create your artworks?

In the “room of my own” there has to be music and chaos. Even though I’m usually tidy and organised, my room has books everywhere, is messy, is full of colours everywhere, brushes… 

What keeps you inspired and motivated?

Anything in life from a sentence I read to a conversation I overheard on a bus to a song can be the flame that inspires me. It is easier for me to be inspired when I have a lot going on around me.

How do you think projects like Tits’n’Tales can make a difference?

I believe the beauty of a project like this is that it focuses on topics that are fundamental and important and that are hard to discuss. It breaks the ice and starts the conversation through art, which is a great tool because it reaches you in ways nothing else does. 

Giorgio Rinaldi

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