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Hermione Cameron


I am currently based in London and have an MA in Creative and Life Writing. I write poetry and prose. My debut poetry collection, ‘Recipe for Being a Woman’ was published in 2017 by Ampersand Publishing. I enjoy writing about mental health, femininity, neurodiversity, and the messy world of emotions.


Meet Hermione

How would you define your poetics?

Random! I don’t generally tend to write in any particular form. I enjoy writing both poetry and prose, as well as prose poetry. I love magical realism and generally like to use simple language with a surreal twist. For me, writing is about finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Can you describe your creative process?

I usually get one specific idea, line, or phrase, and turn that over and over in my head. I then might try writing it down and seeing what emerges out of that. Often it takes a lot of self-discipline and I have to force myself to sit down and write. I find writing prompts really helpful and will sometimes use those to get started. Getting started is the hardest part!

What’s in the “room of your own” where you create your artworks?

Good question! Mainly: books, doodled-on scraps of paper, unfinished notes on my phone, bundles of clothes, coffee cups. The list goes on…

What keeps you inspired and motivated?

It sounds cheesy, but probably my love of writing, and the need to create new things.

How do you think projects like Tit’n’Tales can make a difference?

By celebrating minority voices. Tits’n’Tales does an incredible job highlighting the talent and experiences of those people we may not usually hear from – including migrants and members of the LGBTQ+ community etc. I think it’s really important that we normalise these experiences.

Hermione Cameron

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